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Requests typically take up to 24 hours to process and 10 days to complete. Information concerning the status of an individual who is currently incarcerated in the District of Columbia can be accessed by calling the D. There is no public online database that D. The D. Court Cases online portal provides information on civil and criminal cases adjudicated in the District of Columbia.

Vital records for a person born in the District of Columbia are maintained by the Department of Health. These records include birth, death, domestic partnership registration, marriage and divorce records. This includes the registrant person upon whom the record is based, immediate family member, guardian or legal representative.

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Requests may be accommodated in person or by mail as well as by phone at Requests for vital records may also be made online through VitalChek. The Department maintains birth, death, marriage and divorce records dating back to August and records regarding domestic partnerships since Such exemption will not be inferred. The exemption does not apply to certain ordinances, or other laws that are not "statutes.

Compare D. It exempts certain information gained by the D. Government during discovery or investigations carried out pursuant to local antitrust laws, D. It exempts information gained pursuant to local arson reporting laws, D. Act exempts specific response plans for public emergency preparedness and prevention and specific vulnerability assessments that are intended to prevent or to mitigate an act of terrorism.

A person, however, may be provided with information submitted to the Business License Center for one registrant based upon the submission of either the name or address of the registrant; persons are limited to one such request per day. Federal Employer Identification numbers and Social Security numbers shall not be released except if requested by a law enforcement agency or directed by court order.

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Vital Records D. It provides that the provisions of the D. Act do not apply to the Vital Records Act of , D. Unlike other exemptions, this exemption is not discretionary. Vital records include certificates or reports on birth, death, marriage, divorce, annulment and data related thereto.

  1. § 7–231.24. Confidentiality and disclosure of information from vital records or vital reports.?
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The Vital Records Act prohibits disclosure of those records except as provided by that chapter. Under the Vital Records Act, disclosure is permissible only to a person with a direct, tangible interest in the record. Such a person is defined as 1 a person about whom the information is gathered, and his or her immediate family, guardian or legal representative; or 2 a person who needs the information to determine or protect a personal or property right.

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The Vital Records Act contains criminal penalties for violations of its provisions. Courts do not have the power to create additional exemptions. Barry v. Common law privileges are incorporated in D. Under D.

This right can be enforced by court order. Although the government may attempt to protect autopsy reports by asserting the privacy, investigatory records or Vital Records Act exemptions, those exemptions do not permit nondisclosure if the Medical Examiner's statute requires disclosure. See also Fraternal Order of Police, Metro.

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To the extent disclosure is prohibited by federal or other D. The financial information and trade secret exemption, D. Trade secrets and commercial or financial information are specifically exempted under D. Information in or taken from any contract dealing with the receipt or expenditure of public or other funds by public bodies must be disclosed in accordance with D. In other instances, the financial information and trade secret exemption, D. A public body must make available for inspection and copying any record produced or collected pursuant to a contract with a private contractor to perform a public function.

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The public body with programmatic responsibility for the contractor shall be responsible for making such records available to the same extent as if the records were maintained by the public body. The financial data and trade secret exemption, D. Generally, however, under D. Not specifically addressed by any exemption. Certain election records are specifically available under D.

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Board of Elections and Ethics to implement a "voting system" through which voting results are publicized. See Padou v. Weapons dealers must be licensed under the District's business licensing system to sell firearms, see D. Act also exempts information exempted by federal law because of national defense or foreign policy concerns. Certain personnel records are arguably exempt under the privacy exemption, D. The salaries of employees and officers of public bodies are public information under D. Depending on the particular circumstances, an application could be public information within the meaning of D.

An application, for instance, might be the subject of a "final opinion[]. And "[a]ll pending applications for building permits and authorized building permits" automatically qualify as public records. In general, under D. The privacy exemption, D. Complaints and other specified police records shall be open for public inspection under D. The Mayor's office has ruled that when a defendant has pleaded guilty to a charge and a videotaped confession was never used against him in court, the privacy rights of the police officers involved absent allegations of police misconduct and the victim's family bring the videotape under the privacy exemption of the D.

The defendant was found to have forfeited his privacy rights, and parts of the tape could be made public that merely identified him as the perpetrator. The Mayor's office did, however, recognize that the police officers' privacy interests must be weighed on a case-by-case basis against the public interest served by releasing their identities and information about their practices and tactics. In re Appeal of Molly Pauker, Esq. Office of the Mayor, Nov. No sex offender registration information is available as a public record except those records made public by regulations promulgated by the Mayor.

To obtain report of a motor vehicle accident, one must not be prohibited from obtaining the information to solicit business, pursuant to D. In addition, the person seeking information within 21 days of an accident must produce a photo ID and provide a signed statement identifying the requested report, the name of the requester, and states that the requester is not prohibited from obtaining the information.

Recently, the District attempted to justify withholding documents concerning the police department's use of breathalyzer tests under the investigatory-records exemption. Court of Appeals explained that withholding would be appropriate only if " 1 the documents requested. The Code gives the Metropolitan Police Department authority and control over the system of public inspection by means of the Internet. The Act does not specifically address emergency medical services records.

See also Hines v. The court generally should attempt to balance the privacy interests of those who are the subjects of the documents in question, or those harmed by their release, with the public interest in the release of the documents. See id.