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A teen-sexting law that had befuddled Colorado lawmakers for years finally passed in Colorado last year. Dozens of states have amended child-pornography statutes in recent years in response to teen sexting, which psychologists call a common and not necessarily harmful behavior for young people who grow up with smart phones. The law was prompted in part after a scandal in Canon City, where more than high school students were found with explicit images of other teens.

Dozens of students were suspended, and the football team forfeited its final game of that season. Fremont County prosecutors decided against filing criminal charges, saying Colorado law did not properly distinguish between adult sexual predators and misbehaving teenagers.

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The law created new crimes for juvenile sexting after years of debate over whether it should be illegal for minors to share explicit photos consensually. Under previous state law, anyone who had an image on their phone of a nude person under age 18 could be charged with felony child exploitation. But teen sexting is common, and some say prosecutors needed a less-severe penalty option for teens who do it because the felony charge means that a sexting teen can end up required to register as a sex-offender.

The negotiations were tricky because there could be a variety of explicit sexts. Everyone agreed that minors exchanging nude photos consensually should face only misdemeanor charges or even just mandatory education to be determined later.

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The crime would be a misdemeanor if the person sharing the image is also under Felony child exploitation is punishable by a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison, plus lifetime sex-offender registration requirements. Alexander said that when analyzing the level of risk an offender poses, there are multiple ways to gauge whether that individual would be a risk to the pubic beyond the actual criminal act that landed them in jail.

Factors like the level of empathy the offender has, any psychopathic tendencies they show or a lack of remorse.

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Once an offender has served their time in jail, Alexander said the level and length of any treatment and supervision is really dependent on the individual. But a major hurdle to not only treatment but ensuring the safety of the public when it comes to sexual offenders is the restrictions placed on where an offender can live. Lack of attainable and permanent housing is a major factor in increased rates of recidivism according to the data. In fact, proximity to forbidden areas like schools and playgrounds have no correlation to increased rates of offenders committing sexual crimes again.

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Aurora man gets 16 years in prison for hate crime shooting…. Former Denver high school basketball coach to serve second sex assault…. Colorful Columbia Sportswear Co. Despite profound industry changes, Adams County oil and gas production up. US added a solid , jobs in October despite GM strike. Molson Coors restructuring as beer sales decline. Senators grill Boeing CEO over plane involved in 2 crashes. Toon in Thursday. Toon in Wednesday. Toon in Tuesday. A white paper on the subject cites studies that show there is no evidence of a higher proportion of repeat offenses based on proximity to schools.

The paper also suggests that moving offenders to different areas only provides a false sense of security, in part because where someone sleeps does not define where they may offend, according to the authors. Just one of the suggestions from the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board for local governments is to approve the use of or increase the use of Shared Living Arrangements SLAs where multiple moderate to high-risk offenders live in the same building or home.

Across Colorado, there are local governments that prohibit SLAs. Colorado Springs sex offender information.

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Yes please Not now. Large water main break closes Vickers west of Union. News Covering Colorado. How safe is your state? Unfortunately, one very real threat in our society is sexual offenders.

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Minnesota comes out as the state with the least number of sex offenders on our list. This state has registered sex offenders per , people. Minneapolis has a very high violent crime rate of This is much higher than the violent crime rate of The Minnesota sex offender registry can be found here. Anchorage had reported rapes per capita. Next up is Alaska, which is no surprise, considering it is the most dangerous state in the U. Alaska has registered sex offenders per , people. Anchorage has a violent crime rate of Houston has a violent crime rate of The Lone Star State has registered sex offenders per , people.

Texas has a list of its 10 most wanted sex offenders here. Curving road along the Mississippi River near Brainerd iStock. Mississippi has registered sex offenders for every , people. Jackson, Mississippi, has a violent crime rate of Colorado Springs and Denver tie, with reported rapes per capita. Colorado has registered sex offenders per , people. The Colorado Springs metro area has a violent crime rate of This is slightly higher than the violent crime rate of

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